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The Tikkun Shovavim

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The appeal of the Admor of Sitre Haim shlita

The SHOVAVIM - Period of 6 weeks, from the parsha “SHEMOT” at the parsha “MISHPATIM” conducive to repairing the faults of "intimacy" (Brit, the alliance).
THE ADMOR of SITRE HAIM will perform throughout the period of the SHOVAVIM of the “PIDYONS SHOVAVIM” (Pidyon Nefesh - Redemption of the soul) in order to repair the faults of "intimacy" (FOR MEN & WOMEN)

The sum of TZEDAKAH (Donation) fixed for the “PIDYON SHOVAVIM” is: $56 per person (or ₪200 or 50€)

Message from the Admor of Sitre Haim shlita

PARTICIPATE IN TIKKUN SHOVAVIM (Pidyon Nefesh – Redemption of the soul)
Donation (Tzedakah): $56 / person
To participate in the Pidyon Shovavim...
Please register & send your donation
Registration form for the Pidyon Shovavim
(Pidyon Nefesh

Redemption of the soul)

Thank you for your submission. Register each person separately or send your list of names by email:

I PARTICIPATE IN TIKKUN SHOVAVIM (Pidyon Nefesh - Redemption of the soul) 

Donation: $112 / person
Look free all the videos (in french) of the Admor of Sitre Haim shlita
on the SHOVAVI
(playlist of the YouTube channel Sitre Haim)
Contact us

Ask your questions about e-learning training (and/or zoom), about books or about jewelry and/or make an appointment for a telephone consultation with the Admor of Sitre Haim... by filling out the form or by contacting us by phone, whatsapp or email:

Tel: 054-7 251 251 (Israel)

Tel: 07-57 99 08 04 (France)

Tel: 01-86 98 41 40 (France)

Tel: +972-547251251

Thank you for your submission... we will contact you as soon as possible

I support the actions of Sitre Haim and I want to make a donation (the amount of my choice)

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